Friday, August 23, 2013



Workout of the Day

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3
Increasing the load each set, find your 3 rep max

Complete the following for time:
800 m sprint
3 min rest
600 m sprint
2 min rest
400 m sprint
1 min rest
200 m sprint
*Rest exactly (to the second!) 3 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute between sprints. Subtract 6 minutes from your overall time and that will be your score.

Reminder: Katelyn and I are hosting a CrossFit Forte pool party tomorrow around 2 PM. If you are a member and/or you have some you’d like to bring who is not a member and they’re cool, bring them. Also, if you’d like, bring meat to be grilled, appetizers, and/or some adult beverages.¬†
Here is the FB link with our address and whatnot:

Dmitry Klokov front squatting 265 kg (583 lbs):

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