Wednesday, February 8, 2017

John G

Workout of the Day

Toes to Bar and Progressions

CrossFit Games Open 16.1 – Modified
Every minute, for 21 minutes (7 rounds):
Min 1: 50ft Walking Lunges w DBs Overhead (pick weight)
Min 2: 12 Burpees
Min 3: 12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

A few things:

1) Have you signed up for the CrossFit Games Open yet? When you do, remember to select CrossFit Forte as your affiliate. 

2) Bob’s Retirement Party is coming up quickly – Friday, February 10 here at CFF. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten everyone together and thrown a party at the gym, so we’d love to have each and everyone of you there. It’s gonna be fun. There will be a DJ, games, drinks, food, and most importantly, good people. All the makings for a great time. For those of you doing the clean eating challenge: we’re allowing you to take the day off.

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