What is CrossFit Forte?

CFF is an independently owned Strength and Conditioning gym or “Box,” to which they are more commonly referred. Our gym is not only a gathering of people looking to enhance their fitness, but a community of people looking to enhance their lives. Anyone with the determination and drive to succeed is welcome. Joining CFF is like joining a new, extended family. Here at CFF,  we will never let you fail. CrossFit is the methodology in practice at our facility.

We are generally a membership based program, but special accommodations can be made for personal strength and conditioning coaching.  We also do permit non-member, private sessions. Email Evan Beach for pricing and scheduling.

How do I get started?

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Unlike the majority of commercial gyms and facilities which take a “show, do as you please, and go” approach, we operate in a manner which allows us to instruct and guide you through each and every workout. We are a strength and conditioning coaching facility. We truly believe that CrossFit is for everyone, but to be successful at CF, you need to learn and master the nine foundational movements.

Step 1.  Complete the Elements 101 course.

How much does it cost?

We have several different membership options from which to choose. We have pre-paid memberships, 3-month memberships, 6-month memberships, and yearly memberships. The longer memberships (year-long, for example) are the most economical way for you to train with us. However, if you just aren’t the joining type, and have to travel a lot, work odd hours, etc. – you may be interested in the CFF access pass, which works like an electronic punch card.

Check our MEMBERSHIP PAGE for pricing.

Where is your facility?

Depending on which direction you’re coming from, we’ve mapped out the most efficient routes for you. Check our CONTACT/DIRECTIONS PAGE.

Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness to join?

Absolutely not. We have the ability to scale our exercises and workouts to any level. We don’t segregate our classes. Our gyms best CrossFitters workout alongside grandmothers, newbies, the obese and everyone in between. We are all equal.

In our Elements 101 course, we will instruct how to appropriately scale workouts for you as an individual. We will also demonstrate the various appropriate modifications and progressions for some of the more demanding exercises you  may not be able to perform yet.

What does your Elements 101 course cover?

You will learn the nine foundational movements of CrossFit. These nine movements – the air squat, front squat, back squat, overhead squat, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, medicine ball clean, shoulder press, push press – will all be covered in detail during the courses. We will also go over other functional movements/exercises which are common in the CrossFit Methodology like: the olympic lifts,  plyometrics, kettlebell swings, medicine ball wall shots, pull ups, rowing, calisthenics, etc.

In addition to the exercises and movements being taught, we will offer a brief primer on optimal nutrition for optimal health.

You will also be exposed to how things work at our gym, ways to scale and modify your workouts, and our expectations of you. We know that this Elements 101 course is a lot to take in, but that’s OK. If you don’t remember everything you learned, remember we review each movement prior to every WOD.

Can I come in on my own and just workout?

Because safety and efficacy are the two principles we refuse to break, we don’t have a “self-train” model here are CrossFit Forte. We are a structured strength and conditioning facility and thus we operate as such. Our training is done in class-like settings at specific times.  We will, however, have scheduled times you can come in to work on skills of your choice under the supervision of a coach.

Check our GYM SCHEDULE PAGE for specific times and sign up info.

I’m already really fit.  I can bypass the Elements Intro course, right?

Maybe. If you are proficient at the Olympic lifts, yes, but our course is not about fitness level. It is about getting you educated about CrossFit, how our gym works, the basic movements that translate into many other movements, and some concepts which will help ensure your long term success in our program. You wouldn’t walk into a martial arts class and immediately ask to start working out with the black belt group, would you? Same principle applies in our gym.

“Yeah, but I’m really, really fit. Can I bypass this course?”

Again, doubtful.  If you are really, really fit, we can scale up the workouts in the workshop and introductory workouts for you. We promise we can leave you lying on the floor, sore and gasping, even after a beginners’ class.

Our regular group classes can be rather fast paced at times. Our coaches need to be able to focus on the entire group- not just a single individual who is remiss on a very basic concept or movement. Bringing folks into our regular classes unprepared can be a recipe for disaster, injury, frustration, or all of the above. We do not expect anyone to be an expert at what we do after our on ramp sessions. It is our goal to prepare everyone with the basics and a good foundation so they contiunue to progress when regular classes start.

If you have prior formal CrossFit training experience (at a licensed CF affiliate gym- not your garage) you may be eligible to skip our on-ramp. Prior to signing up, just shoot us an email to let us know where you worked out previously, for how long, and if you participated in any sort of formal introductory program. If you bypass the course, just know we may ask you to go back and take the course if we think you would benefit from it. Since you will already be a member, you will be able to take the course at no additional charge. 

I’m a fellow CrossFitter from another affiliate. Can I drop in?

Absolutely.  We ask you purchase a tee shirt for $25 (to aid in our shameless self-promotion) or you can do just the class for $15.  If you will be attending more than one class, please see Evan or Katelyn to discuss a fair rate.

How about nutrition? Do you offer any nutritional services?

While we do assist in diet counciling, we are not dieticians, nor do we give any sort of medical advice.

We do, however, provide tons of information and advice with respects nutrition, our beliefs on it, and how it relates to your daily life, performance, and training. We publish much of our information for public consumption. As a CFF member, you’ll have access to additional nutrition information and have the opportunity to participate in CFF community nutrition challenges and the like.

What are my payment options? Do you take checks, credit cards, and/or cash?

We only accept credit cards (no American Express or Discover), checks, and cash.  Membership dues are paid by bank draft.