Monday, April 24, 2017

We’ve put in quite a bit of work on finishing up the showers this weekend, so they are 95% done and are open for business (and pretty much have been for the past 2 weeks). A few reminders about using them: 1) Please bring your own towels, as we will not be providing a towel service or allow people to use the small towels we provide at the gym. 2) Please use shower shoes/sandals to wear while showering. 3) If there are multiple people wanting to shower, please be considerate and get in and out in a prompt manner. 4) Please spray the shower stall down after showering with daily shower spray to help keep it clean. 5) Unlike the picture above, only one person is allowed to shower at a time. As for questions on hot water supply, we installed a tankless water heater, which means there will be an unlimited supply of hot water. Thank you for your patience while the showers were being built and we hope you appreciate this added convenience!

Workout of the Day

Back Squat
Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets): 5 reps at 70-75% of 1 rep max

Last done: 4/28/16
Five rounds for time of:
15 Wall-Balls (20 /14)
15 Box Jump Overs (24 / 20)
Buy out: 400m Run

Rx+ 30 / 20 lb

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